Other Great Sites to Find Patterns  

Other Great Sites to Find Patterns


One of the best sites in the world for knitting enthusiasts with more than 50,000 knitting patterns and every knitting accessory a knitter could ever need. This is definitely a site worth checking out if you are looking for some interesting knitting patterns from indie designers. 

If you're a designer, I've been posting and selling/giving away my knitting patterns on this site for a while now. I can say that from a designer's perspective, it is very easy to add your patterns. You can even import them from Ravlery. While I certainly can't say I sell a lot, there is definitely a good amount of traffic I generate from this site. People download a lot of the free patterns for sure.

They also have an affiliate program, which is always nice to be a part of if you run your own blog or website 😏


Doesn't have a ton of patterns on it, but certainly may have something that you're looking for. Once again, you can add your own patterns if you are a designer. Great place to add your work if you are looking to generate links to your patterns on your blog, etsy shop, website, etc.

It's divides up into a number of different sections. You can look for both knitting patterns and crochet patterns


One of my all time favourites for patterns! And not just for knitting and crocheting. They teach all sorts of stuff like quilting, baking, photography, embroidery, gardening, cooking, paper craft and LOTS more! They have tons of classes to teach how to do all of this plus you can buy the things you need right off the site. If you've ever been curious about how to do just about anything, they can teach you.

You can also add your knitting and crochet patterns, but they recently changed their policies so they may not accept everything that you want to add. They do have an affiliate program, but you'll need to apply and be approved.



I've used this service as a way to distribute my patterns to all the major retailers and so do a lot of other people! It's a great place to find cheap patterns and they support every type of device there is in one spot. So, you can download the appropriate file type that will work on a Kindle, Nook and computer all in one place. It's very convenient.Smashwords logo