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Buy Handmade Slippers, Jewelry and More.

Buy hand knit slippers, crocheted jewelry and more! Most of what's listed are samples made when designing my patterns. But to be honest, if I sits, I knits. Or crochet. Whatever. Either way what results in a bunch of stuff that I have to sell.

Click on any title or pic to start checking out my wares. A new page will open and you'll be taken to my Etsy shop. It's easier to handle international shipping costs through here.

Hand knit slippers in a variety of styles, colours and sizes. I don't usually take custom orders for slippers, but you can always ask.  

Unique pieces for unique people. I have a thing for bracelets but do make the occasional necklace. 

A bit of a pet project of mine. These are art pieces that I love making. 

Everything I make in one convenient location.